Wednesday, January 11, 2012



Ducks ripple the pond
this wet April morning
the blue heron
rises from the mist
a lone turkey
struts the field
and the grass
green as Ireland

Alone I reap the years
when I squandered
my bankroll of compassion
guarded my solitude with fangs

No one to fling his arm
round my neck
draw me close
No one to share words
in coffee steam
no your shirt is misbuttoned
comb your hair
where are the keys

Turn it all around
begin again

Wrens fly from nest to worm
squirrels chitter and chase
I press seeds into soil


  1. beautiful and full of truthful passion.

  2. Just love this poem- so thoughtful - I can feel all of the words that you've written. Thanks again for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment for Seth's blog tour. It's so appreciated! xo

  3. oh my, this is a wonderful poem, sukipoet... i have *felt* this; i Know it... i've seen you at carole's (zen dot) but have never come here! i'm glad i did! thank you for your insightful words at my place, and yes, do try the plaster cloth. i lay mine on pieces of muslin and dry them on a small sheet of glass from an old picture frame. dries absolutely flat - no paper to buckle...



  4. Such powerful visuals. You have a gift with words.

  5. I've been trying to dig up an email for you to say "Thanks" for your sweet comment on Seth Apters Blog!....
    OMG I'm so happy to have found your poetry Blog! I've been memorizing THIS YEARS VALENTINE by Phillip Appleman (a challenge from my son, the teacher). ANYWAY, I'm loving this Blog.
    Warm Regards Suki!
    Lisa Hoffman

  6. Hope and sorrow, adundance, loneliness, roads not taken. What a powerful poem.

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  8. Beautiful. Bitter, sweet. I too guard my solitude with fangs. Always have and still do.
    I liked this very much, Suki

  9. This is beautiful but also sort of chilling, especially the line "reap the years."

  10. melancholy...but with the hope of a wise woman threaded

  11. Such a powerful poem, Suki. I revisit from time to time, and as I face my 7th decade, feel I understand. Where have you gone? I do not find your presence on your blogs any more.