Monday, September 13, 2010

A guest in my mother's house

Into the depths of darkness
my mother turns,
turns her back on life
to journey an unseen path.
Turns her back on me, a guest now
in her vacant house.
A visitor, insecure,
uncomfortable on the hard
Puritan pew I inherited.

Though I sleep in her bed, eat
from her dishes,
I am outside looking in
to when
I was mothered
however awkwardly,
to when
I worshiped her competence,
courage, independence.
To when
I released, at last,
my resentment and anger


  1. Hi Suki, this is a wonderful poem, it's very strong and the words immediately connect with hidden places in my brain:)
    And the space you gave your poems here is delicious,

  2. This poem is heart wrenching to me. I see you as imprisoned in your Mother's house. Held captive by feelings that you don't want to or can't face. I wish you peace Suki. I pray for your peace of mind and the courage to go forward. Grab the world by the tail and fly into a more rewarding enriched life. You have so much to give to the world and in turn the world for you.

  3. This was as beautiful and graceful
    as a summer sun rise
    full of hope for the new day
    just a wonderful stirring piece of art

  4. Beautiful poem suki...and so interesting to me that my own mother (who I am so grateful to report is still here on earth mothering me) was nicknamed suki by her late father (he passed away when she was 5, more a residue of memory for her than a real person)...and I am thinking of that, how over time a memory can become more like a pleasant residue, a hint, a whisper, a scent...but it takes time for that shift from raw loss that is so powerfully tangible and at times heart wrenching to a softer cloud of sweetness.

  5. a beautifully healing poem. i find it fascinating how differently we each interpret such personal artistic offerings. unlike Lisa, I sensed no entrapment on your part, but rather a found acceptance for what has been and an understanding that it isn't where you fit any longer. releasing, healing blessings...

  6. Karin said it all. A releasing and healing poem ..... anticipation of good things ahead.