Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Magpie Tales #41 Poem Clocking

Steady heartbeat in the bright late morning light.
Chimes bring awareness like a meditation bell:
wake up, wake up.
Reliable hands move, point,
sooth my tedious mind,
mark my course on life's time line as firmly as a stick of charcoal.
On lonely days this grandmother wraps me in her shawl and hums.

Without man's infernal measuring device
what would we have?

Photo courtesy of Willow and Magpie Tales. Read more prose and poetry using this photo as a prompt here.

Click to hear me read my poem. Recording done via my digital camera video selection. This is not intended as a video. Just an audio. I aimed the camera out the window.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Magpie Tales # 40 third fragment of a fable

Summary:An unnamed heroine has been trapped in a castle and is trying to find a way out.
"Let me out, " I whispered to the guardians. I tempted them with the wad of dollar bills I carried in my skirt pocket. I danced. I sang. I told a joke. The mirrors merely reflected back my inadequacy. In frustration I......
(ending of segment 2)

knelt on the cold, tile floor, then eased into a child's pose in supplication. My confused thoughts whirled.

A cold breeze encompassed me, a sweetness like honey filled my mouth. The words"be yourself, not a reflection," filled my mind. I sat back on my heels, my hands in prayer position, my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes, I no longer saw my reflection, but greenery, a stream, a path into the woods. The doors were slowly swinging open. The child had returned. She smiled at me and beckoned once again, then ran into the trees.

Slowly, I stood, no longer as spry and quick as I once was, and walked through the portal into the light, the fresh air. "Wait," I said as I began to follow the child. "I am slow." A wisp of light drew me onward. The pit patter of feet.

The autumn forest filled my senses, the rustle of leaves, the whisper of squirrels gathering their winter stores. The smell of decaying leaves. Now and then a bird cried, a laugh sounded. And then, silence. The single path became many paths. One to the north, one the south, east, west and more. Which path had the child taken?

I raced from one spot to the next. Began to walk the northerly path. Returned and took the southerly path. How to chose? Disconsolate, I sat on a fallen tree and sighed. I felt weary. Alone.

After a time, the sun shifted. I saw a glint in the grass. And there I found a necklace. Here, here is the path. I looped the necklace around my neck and hurried on.

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Photo courtesy of Willow, the hostess of Magpie Tales. Thanks Willow.

Thursday, November 4, 2010