Friday, October 15, 2010

Magpie Tales untitled fragment

I cant remember how it all started, it was so long ago. I simply know I awoke one day and it was as if I wore blinders. All about me was darkness, I seemed to be in some great stone structure, a castle at best. A prison at worst.

I arose from my cot and flung open the heavy wooden shutters. My eyes blinked at the light. Below, I heard a thunderous sound, as of waves upon the shore and from the trees the sharp call of some mysterious creature whether bird or beast I was not certain. My impulse was to slam shut the shutters and retreat again into the dark, safe and unknowing. Silent and self-absorbed.

But as I looked below onto the barren ground I saw a child, dressed in white with long, russet tresses. She was calling to me, though her words were carried away on the wind before I could capture them. She beckoned and then turned away, running as children will over the hillock and toward the forest beyond.

I sat for a moment on the edge of my cot and pondered. And here it was. Simple and clear. Would I choose the dark comfort of my chamber or would I face the challenge of the light and the child calling me. Would I clamber down the narrow wooden stairs and draw open the heavy brass-studded door. I was not one to make hasty decisions, but soon the child would be out of sight if she was not already. Perhaps impossible to follow. I drew my fingers through my hair, rubbed my face roughly, and……..

this is not complete in itself but perhaps the beginning of a story. Forgive the language but I am reading The Historian. Such language is catching. See more Magpie Tales written using above photo as a prompt.


  1. lots of suspensions...
    your tale hang me there, keep wondering what's next...
    beautiful writing!

  2. This is lovely, Suki! I want to know what happens! Perhaps it is dear Pippi beckoning? :)

  3. I love it when I read something and the language engages me like that and then it ends up in my writing. I think it is a wonderful beginning.

  4. be the the child...smiles. yet there is comfort in the shadows...nice are you going to complete it?

  5. Come on, make up your mind! :-)

  6. I like this snippet that continues running in my mind...

  7. I think she's chasing her inner child, and I think she'll find her! Lovely...

  8. Oooh, a wonderfully written start... I so want to know where it leads you...

    Nicely done magpie.

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