Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Directions for a flawless life

Directions for a flawless life

Take a left
pass the zoo
do not marry the gorilla.

Five blocks from the second stop light
or is it the third?
veer right.
Avoid the lake, do not drown
learn to swim.

Follow the signs.
They are small and written in Greek
or is it Russian?
Squint. Wear glasses. Shade your eyes.
Do not buy candy at the country store.
It's out of date.

Take the hill slow, there may be mud.
Park at the barn, walk in.
Do not lose your boots
Remember to hum.
Cross the bridge
follow the cow path
do not pet the bull--
that's the one with horns.

You will know you have arrived if the daffodils nod
if the woodpecker taps
if the wind touches your cheek.

The last line is from a poem by Thomas Lux called "Give it to the wind." In our Monday poetry group we had a challenge to choose a line from one of several poems and use it for our last line. To hear me read my poem, click below.

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