Thursday, April 28, 2011

On being an artist

On Being an Artist

The rose window fractured
by a fierce wind
shards on the grass
till he came along
collected the fragments
crafted a kaleidoscope

by the tornado of life
for two years I lay on the rug
my thoughts scattered
Now I must turn my mind around
create beauty from the ruins

photo by Willow. For more magpie tales using this photo as a prompt click here.


  1. loved how you used the image--my favorite line --create beauty from the ruins--beautiful-c

  2. It is a true artist who can create beauty from ruins. Beautiful, Suki.

  3. Wow, Create beauty from the ruins. Your poem proved to be an inspiration for me today, since I was feeling quite a low. Thanks.
    Now Surely I will resume creating my canvas of beauty.
    Monika..check out my collection of poetry too.(

  4. A good idea and a clever extension in the second stanza.

  5. You truly ... of those that I have read, captured it to perfection! I enjoyed this immensely.

  6. Thank you Suki.......I needed to read this poem today of all days. Thank you for your wise reminder, about being the artists of our lives. With you permission, I'd like to publish the poem on my own blog.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my memoir, Suki. I love the pure simplicity of your poem and how you've structured it, delineating the metaphor and recasting it. The rose window is a compelling image for me. xxxj

  8. sure Lauren, you are welcome to republish the poem on yr blog. thanks for your comments.

  9. Definite Wabi Sabi here! This is beautiful - creating beauty from the ruins.

  10. Thanks again for letting me share your poem!

    re getting into blog - when I first copied the poem it had a huge bunch of code when I looked at it on html - didn't know what it meant, but it made the post impossible to post, so I deleted it altogether, and recopied the poem in a simple text file, then put that into my blog. You might check the html of your post, see what it there.