Tuesday, May 17, 2011



I, perched on the arm
of the chair
he, comfy in its embrace
the book open on his lap
in a voice resonant with music
he read.

Night after night
until eyelids closed
then opened and closed again.

That wonderous gift
given kindly with love
for words
for literature
for me.

for more poetry and prose inspired by the above prompt see Magpie Tales. Top photo courtesy of Willow. Second photo from my family archives. Me and Dad of course.


  1. This is lovely ... I may have a teardrop or two on my cheeks.

  2. oh how important it is to read to our kids...lovely verse...

  3. This is so lovely. It made me choke up, Suki. You look so much like your handsome father.

  4. This is lovely and brings back memories.

    Anna :o]

  5. Very evocative, as my parents always read to me, and I to my little sister who was eight years younger.

  6. visual and beautiful book reading moments captured here.
    cool magpie.

  7. Your dad was giving the best gift a child could ever use. What a beautiful poem. I find the photo very touching, Suki.

    My own father used to read to me in German (he was a POW) and I amazed he could do that! My mum went mad when he taught us a few 'choice words' however!

  8. Nice work! I haven't read a book of poetry since the Kahlil Gibran days ( with much pot and acid).
    But, I like your bio and your choice of music even if Carmina Burana is a piece and not a composer. I believe it was Carl Orff.

    I like your strength.

  9. you don't post often, but when you do, your did well and cool,
    Welcome join poetry potluck week 37 today,

    Share your poetry, enjoy some encouragements..

    Bless your MondaY!

    As always, your poetry is sunshine to us!


  10. This is so touching. Beautifully written. It had a special meaning for me, given the date.

    Happy Wednesday, G

  11. To me such reads always amount to bitter sweet compilations of father memories, as mine kept his distance and was always seemingly too busy to stop and take time to have a simple but loving father-to-daughter 'read time', as you describe your sweet father doing here with you. Precious photo, indeed.